How To Get Stunning Results From Your Tech Pack

Before we get too far into this topic, we need to give you a visual to carry into this article. Think of your tech pack as not just the blueprint and instruction manual on how to make your product. Also think of it as a living document that contains updated information and data. It’s kind of like a journal where changes are noted but kept together with the previous documentation as a tracking tool that follows the evolution of your product development.

Okay, got that picture?

Here’s what you do in a step-by-step format:

Step 1 – Check Your Sample Against The Tech Pack And Make Notes

Even if your sample looks exactly as you described it should in your tech pack, you should go over it with a fine tooth comb. This way, if there is a small detail or two that has been missed or isn’t quite the way the tech pack specs say it should be, this is the time to make a note of it. And remember to be as specific and detailed as possible in that note. Once you’ve closely examined the sample, go over your notes once more and then communicate with your factory about the things you noticed that require correction.

Step 2 – Write Up The Changes

The best way to communicate the corrections or changes to your manufacturer is through your tech pack. However, there is a specific way to do this. In the case of any type of correction related to measurements or the pattern, be sure to add your updated information without removing the original information. When detailing changes, you have to state the following details:

A – What the item was originally
B – Whether or not the sample matches the tech pack
C – The action you request be taken by the manufacturer

Step 3 – Changes Or Corrections To Your Measurement Spec

If you spot any changes that need to be made to measurements there is a right way to have them added to your tech pack. You list the original spec, list the sample measurements then provide the difference between them. Add comments where required with the revised specs and the date they were added to the tech pack.

Step 4 – Communicate Your Changes

Probably the most effective and efficient way to share your changes with the manufacturer is with a file sharing software program. This way you can leave the existing tech pack in place and upload the ‘new’ tech pack with your changes. Sending them in an email may be far more confusing with emails crossing back and forth.

Don’t Expect It To Be Completely Corrected The First Time

As detailed as your revisions may be and explained as clearly as possible, be prepared for at least one or maybe more rounds of communication. The idea is to get your product to match your tech pack and until that happens, you may need to communicate back and forth until that goal is achieved. This isn’t a slight on your skills or those of the factory. Once everyone is actually on the same page, things should move far smoother.