Product branding is a lot more than just your product logo or snappy little slogan. Branding is what creates the image and how consumers connect you to that image. With a highly recognizable brand, your product can become an icon. With a poorly designed and executed branding, your product can suffer as much as your bank account. This is why branding takes a great deal of thought and development before it is attached to your product.


Typically branding is created long before a product hits the production line. This allows for advance promotion and advertising in order to create a buzz for the upcoming product. Branding affords you with a ‘package’ that represents you, your company and your product. The branding ‘package’ gives you a means to create an identity that attracts attention. Branding is also the projection of all these things to consumers and how they will see your business on paper, in media and online. Your branding identity is key to the success of your product.

At Prototype Monster, our branding experts can create the marketing tools you will require in order to advertise and promote your business in countless ways including:

  • Print advertising/media
  • Outdoor banners/billboards/posters/signs
  • Radio/television marketing
  • POP displays/marketing
  • Online marketing/websites/social media
  • All other branding elements printed or otherwise

It takes time to build the correct brand and that is why we are prepared to provide you with the services of our marketing division. You could go online and zip together something fast, but after travelling so far on the path from idea to reality, the last thing you want to do is risk making a huge marketing mistake by creating a weak brand.

Our marketing experience and in-house design team can develop a unique brand and marketing strategy that will give your product a dynamic personality and brand identity. We’ve worked with you this far, why not join us in building that brand? After all, we already know your product so well, it just makes sense to give our branding services a try.

Even if you have not been a customer of ours prior to this point, we can develop the branding you need to capture the attention and imagination of the potential customers in your target market. In addition to branding your product and business, we will assist you with developing your marketing goals.

At Prototype Monster we create far more than just a logo and word mark for you to use in your advertising programs. We put together a complete branding package that is second to none and complete in every possible way. If you’ve never had to do anything like this before, we can assist you in each and every step of the branding and marketing process.

At Prototype Monster we can take your idea along that journey to reality. Branding is an important step along that route. Prototype Monster is based in South Florida. We are a design and engineering firm that provides service to clients across the United States and Caribbean.



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