You’ve heard that first impressions are vital in many different circumstances, right? Well, in business the same principle applies. However, you have a tool available to you that can provide your business or product with the perfect first impression. It is a brochure. Brochures are great promotional items as they can speak for you when you are not present. Brochures carry your company message and associated details that project information about your business or product in a nice, neat carry away format. Brochures are informative and are still a relevant marketing tool in today’s age of new technology.

Items that typically appear as part of an effective company or product brochure include the following:


  • Attractive design/color combination
  • Eye-catching logo
  • Company/product history
  • Photos related to the topic of the brochure
  • Company contact information
  • Graphics/photos related to your business/product

An effective brochure does not need to be extremely detailed where others are packed with pages of data and information. The overall content of a brochure really depends on the purpose your business requires one. At Prototype Monster we have numerous brochure design options available. In fact, our in-house design team can create the perfect brochure for your needs.

Ultimately, your brochure will give a professional impression to those who receive one. It will offer information of use to those interested in learning more about your business or product. Plus, a well-designed and written brochure will speak on your behalf representing you and your brand in the way you want it to be presented.

Professional business brochures are used in many different ways ranging from advertising and promotion to presentations and information displays. They also make great handouts at trade shows, marketing fairs and during elevator pitches!

Working closely with you, our design team can create the perfect business or product brochure that will represent you and your business in the most professional manner possible. With up-to-date and current computer design tools at our disposal, we can create a brochure that is as unique as your product and attractive enough to get you the attention you demand. At Prototype Monster we design a lot of different brochures. Let our experience assist with the marketing of your business and its product line. Ask us for samples of our work and you’ll see that when we take on a brochure design, we give it a complete workout and create something outstanding to enhance your promotional tool kit.

Without a powerful and effective brochure, you end up with just a pile of papers stapled together. Let us give you a professional look with a brochure design that will turn heads and bring your business more business.

 At Prototype Monster we can take your idea along that journey to reality. Brochures are an important step along that route. Prototype Monster is based in South Florida. We are a design and engineering firm that provides service to clients across the United States and Caribbean.



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