If you think business cards are an outdated business tool, think again. There has never been a more effective way to transfer your company information and contact details in a small, pocket-sized format than the business card. It is easy to carry, easy to share and easy to digest. Probably one of your best introductory tools is a business card.

At Prototype Monster we can design a stunning business card for you that truly represent your business or company. Plus, with the option of printing on both sides, we can turn your business card into a mini marketing tool that features more than just your logo. Our design team can create a business card that will include the following:

  • Attractive color combinations
  • Stunning design/layout
  • Logo and word mark
  • Photos/graphics
  • Contact information
  • Business location information
  • Short informational data on your business/product

Business cards are still useful products and are commonly considered the go-to ‘handshake’ introduction tool. Besides, when you have business cards with you, you can easily hand them out to spread the word about you, your business and your product. Plus, with website and social media feed information on the business card, they become part of your marketing strategy by helping you promote your online and digital social networks.

At Prototype Monster we see business cards as valuable tools and approach the design of each one with an eye on detail and focus on uniqueness. By creating a unique, handheld visual, your business cards can work for you at times and in places where you are not. Do not under estimate the power of a good-looking, effective business card. It could be the one simple marketing tool that gets your business noticed.

Our design team can either create a new and unique business card design for your business or incorporate a business card into your existing brand creation. The business cards of years ago are nothing compared to today’s new designs. There are various shapes, sizes, finishes and textures that can give your business card as unique a personality as your business brand.

Need something simple to leave a lasting impression? Your business card can do that. In fact, they have always been there for this purpose. Only now there are several new ways of utilizing the small spot of a business card to maximize your business exposure. Business cards are far from an old school marketing tool. If anything, they are just becoming the newest way to connect with clients, customers and associates.

For all your business card design needs, skip the online business card building programs. Get a professionally-designed business card from professional designers. At Prototype Monster we can create the business card that will get your message out there loud and clear in a small format.

At Prototype Monster we can take your idea along that journey to reality. Business Cards are an important step along that route. Prototype Monster is based in South Florida. We are a design and engineering firm that provides service to clients across the United States and Caribbean.



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