Logo Design 

Logo design is much more than just a part of your product brand. However, it can become a large part of your product branding. An effective logo takes creativity and common sense. A lot of considerations are taken into account when entering the logo design process. They include:

  • Color combinations
  • Font selections
  • Graphics
  • Word marks/slogans
  • Scale (is it easy to read/understand when reduced in size?)
  • Clarity of message
  • Highly recognizable/identifiable
  • Product/business representation
  • Uniqueness (not like anything already in use in the world)
  • Adaptability (can it be used on all media/materials?)
  • Simplicity (an uncomplicated design)

Logo design requires an eye for detail and creative design inspiration. At Prototype Monster we have professional logo designers in-house with access to the most up-to-date computer design software to assist with the creation of the logo that will become part of your business and product brand.

We start the process with meetings with you to discuss and consider concepts and ideas you already have in mind. We’ll design initial logo creations and work with you to further define and develop the logo into something that will not only be unique, but will become memorable in connection with your product. Our logo design team will create the logo that will be used in all of your marketing and advertising programs. It will become the one thing that identifies you, your business and your product as being different, unique and remarkable in comparison to all other logos and branding tools being used by your competitors. Stand out from all the rest with a professionally designed logo from Prototype Monster.

Whether you are establishing a new company or have a new product to market under an existing company network, we can assist with the logo design you require. At Prototype Monster our goal is to create the logo you need to turn your product or business into a highly recognized entity. Iconic logos take time to create and involve a long thought process. In the end, the final product will speak loudly to your customers and competitors letting them all know that you and your product have arrived on the scene.

That’s what a strong and powerful logo does. It transforms you, your business and your product into something that is truly amazing. A great logo requires no explanation. A great logo is understood with just a glance. A great logo is one that sets a product apart from all others. For a great logo, see us at Prototype Monster and get our logo design department working on creating a lasting impression for your business or product.

At Prototype Monster we can take your idea along that journey to reality. Logo design is an important step along that route. Prototype Monster is based in South Florida. We are a design and engineering firm that provides service to clients across the United States and Caribbean.


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