Baby Products

Our expertise in bio-compatible materials, industry standards and requirements give us a thorough understanding of the design intricacies that must be fulfilled to create award-winning, [...]


It what seems to be a market that never seizes to grow and with the emergence of a high demand for healthier and natural ingredients, now is the best time to join the race for cleanliness and [...]

Bicycle Parts

From Miami to Key West, to St. Petersburg, Naples and Orlando all the way up to Pensacola, Florida is home to some of the most beautiful and scenic routes in the USA not to mention the highly [...]

Mobile phone Accessories

With new cell phones coming out in what seems like every other day and companies selling close to 40 thousand units an hour, the room for accessorizing and personalization is stratospheric. With [...]

Fitness Toys

Today’s world of video games and virtual reality pushes our children further and further away from the activities of the outside world. The need for toys that bring our kids back to the [...]


Today’s appliance market is governed by the highest of standards not only for safety; but also, style, interface (user friendliness) and functionality. These products must keep up with our fast [...]

Pool Accessories

Pool products and accessories require the highest standards for performance and durability. Thanks to south Florida’s endless summer, with hotels and pools everywhere our experience developing [...]

Drone Components

The ever-growing Drone market targets audiences from hobbyist to professionals alike, ranging from racers and divers, to photographers, videographers, even civil planners and engineers to name a [...]

Exercise Equipment Design

  Exercise equipment comes in all shapes and sizes, targeting: Major muscles, Minor muscle groups and Individual muscles. Keen inventors and workout aficionados are always ahead of the curve [...]