Exercise Equipment Design

  Exercise equipment comes in all shapes and sizes, targeting: Major muscles, Minor muscle groups and Individual muscles. Keen inventors and workout aficionados are always ahead of the curve [...]

Pet Products Design & Prototyping

Man’s best friend, be it cat, dog, fish or snake are also entitled to creature comforts and safety.  Our experience with pet products design allow us to craft well-thought out, high quality [...]

Skateboard Design

  Due to our location in coastal and tropical Miami we are constantly engaged with the skating and longboarding community, crafting innovative accessories for the longboard, skateboard and [...]

Sports Equipment Design

The healthy lifestyles of athletes and sports enthusiasts force them to engage with many off-the-shelf products meant to provide an enhanced experience. Whether the products fail to deliver, fall [...]

Vaporizer Design & Engineering

Vapor products provide an alternative to harmful cigarettes and cigars.  A high-power battery provides electricity to a wick/coil which in turn vaporizes liquid concoctions.  Engineering of [...]

Audio Components Design

Audio components for marine, home and automotive use must be designed according to individual criteria for each application. Auto and marine applications have some overlap while home audio tends [...]