CAD is computer-aided drafting. If you could imagine drafting on a computer, then you can understand the basic concept behind this software. The CAD software has been around for several years however, newer, more updated versions provide the ability to create 3D solid and surface modeling that can be rotated and manipulated on screen in three dimensions. This enables viewing of a specific design from all possible angles as well as from the inside out. Probably where CAD design excels is when it is used to specify processes, tolerances and even materials for use in the product being created.

CAD design is another important step in the journey that your product will take between idea and reality. That’s because this kind of computer software is also used in engineering and the fabrication of a product design. The design is then used for modeling, analysis, testing and modifications can be made quickly and easily based on engineered recommendations. The CAD design software can do all of this while still giving you complete control over the decisions that may be required in pushing your product design further down the route to reality.

Essentially, this high-tech software programming gives engineers the ability to make smarter and quicker decisions related to a product design. That is where the main flexibility lies within the process known as CAD design. There are several other benefits to using this software and they include:

  • It creates accurate drawings combined with exact dimensions
  • Information flow improvements with e-mail
  • Simplified archiving and organizing of CAD art work
  • Improved project documentation
  • Quicker electronic file retrieval
  • Reduced risk of damage or loss to data files

Plus, all departments connected to a single project are able to share the same information with each other. This allows for less time spent bringing others ‘up to speed’ on a specific project or design.

CAD Design stands out mostly because it gives engineers a tool they did not have before that enables design in extreme detail. This provides many opportunities to finalize specifications, complete batteries of tests on various models and ensures all data is available prior to the expensive prototyping stage.

In other words, without the ability to draft with computer-aided software, your project design would only be possible with 2D drawings. This would create major disadvantages related to testing and modeling prior to prototyping. With a 3D model built on a computer, tests can be conducted without the need for various models to ‘work out the kinks’ before the modeling process is undertaken. Essentially, you get to the modeling stage with the best possible design of your product with CAD design. It reduces time and cost greatly. At Prototype Monster we are all about saving you time and money and truly believe that CAD design will deliver on that promise.

 At Prototype Monster we can take your idea along that journey to reality. CAD Design is an important step along that route. Prototype Monster is based in South Florida. We are a design and engineering firm that provides service to clients across the United States and Caribbean.



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