The next time you shop in the local grocery or convenience store, take a look around. Observe the way in which certain products are displayed compared to others. You will quickly note that there are a lot of products that have either standalone display racks or have some kind of specialized display within a rack. This is what is referred to as the point of purchase or POP Display.

Combining a well-designed product package with a well-designed POP Display will help your retail sales tremendously. That’s because they both play an important role in the marketing of your product. In order for consumers to find your product, it has to be where they are. If your item is prominently displayed at key locations in retail businesses, it will have a better chance at being purchased. Typically, something that appears within reach for the average shopper, finds its way into their shopping carts. The items that fall under this category are most often products with a POP Display that stands out from the rest.

At Prototype Monster we understand how marketing works and the way in which your product can best benefit from a positive marketing program. That includes an attractive, easy-to-identify product package that is placed in an easy-to-locate point of purchase display.

There are specific requirements that can assist your product sales when you are exploring POP Display options. They include the following:

  • Attractive display design (color/shape/size)
  • How your product is presented in the display (racks/rows/upright/single or multiple)
  • Special features (seasonal theme/lights/fold outs/etc.)
  • Standalone or part of a larger shared display

At Prototype Monster we show you that you just can’t throw together something quick and expect it to be an immediate hit when working on product placement. There is an actual science to the finer details that explore habits and trends in shopping and retail store layout. Each retail outlet will have locations that are better than others to have your product displayed. There are retail locations where your product would be best displays alongside similar products and there are other retailers where your product may not fit in whatsoever. Regardless, we can design the display space your product will fit best in with an eye to marketing and promotional considerations.

In order for your product to have a chance when it completes the journey from idea to reality, it needs strong visual representation that makes it stand out. This is why it is so important to have an attractive and functional point of purchase display as part of your marketing and advertising program. A good looking product sitting on a good looking display is going to get the kind of attention you have been waiting for. Let the designers at Prototype Monster turn your product into one that is a success. We can position your product where it will get high traffic and attention with the right POP Display.

At Prototype Monster we can take your idea along that journey to reality. POP Display is an important step along that route. Prototype Monster is based in South Florida. We are a design and engineering firm that provides service to clients across the United States and Caribbean.



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