We are a full service product development company with experience in a wide range of industries.

Tony Suarez, the founder and CEO has over 18 years of product development, engineering, design and project management experience as well as a business background which aids in the proper guidance of new product development and launches.

Tony and his company Prototype Monster provide support and development services for inventors, small businesses and corporations.  Some of these services include product evaluation, design, engineering and prototyping.

We aim to provide end-to-end services for product developers, starting at the idea stage all the way to manufacturing and beyond.

Tony’s career path began after university studies as an apprentice, learning to program CNC mills and lathes, and eventually crafting high-precision metal and plastic parts for a variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, military and medical fields, as well as consumer products and many others.

Continued learning in the field allowed him to expand onto 5-axis milling, EDM and sheet metal, as well as injection molding, extrusions and others. This foundation would pave the way for the future.

Subsequent product developer and mechanical designer roles allowed Tony to learn the intricacies of design, engineering and effective product launches with a variety of design teams including valued mentorships by Lucio Proni (The Godfather of Bass) at JL Audio, Spencer Krumholz at Liteglow Industries and Dominic Mucciacciaro at Ligi Tool amongst other industry heavyweights that inspired a heightened sense of engineering awareness and work ethic.

With great pride we aim to fulfill the demand for knowledgeable product development specialists that possess the experience and proven trajectory to bring ideas to market successfully.

The following is a summary of manufactured products developed by Tony:

  • As Seen on TV Inventions
  • Aerospace Devices & Installations
  • Automated Assembly Equipment
  • Automated Production Equipment
  • Automated Test Fixtures
  • Automotive & Home Audio
  • Automotive Parts & Accessories
  • Automotive Suspension Components
  • Chemicals & Cleaning Compounds
  • Cosmetics & Perfume Bottles
  • Dental Tools & Devices
  • Exhibits & Trade Show Displays
  • Food & Candy Products
  • Footwear
  • Graphics & Signage
  • Handheld Tools (Manual & Electronic)
  • Home Brewery Equipment
  • Home Decor & Fixtures
  • Interior and Exterior Car Accessories
  • Kitchen Cabinetry & Countertops
  • LED Lighting (Home & Industrial)
  • Marine-Grade Hardware & Parts
  • Medical Devices (Class I, II & III)
  • Motorized Scooters & Carts
  • Museum Statues
  • Office & Restaurant Stationery
  • Packaging (Disposable & Modular)
  • Pet Products
  • Poolside Products
  • Search and Rescue Equipment
  • Smoking Devices & Paraphernalia
  • Specialty Hardware
  • Sunglass Accessories
  • Vapor Mods & Mechanicals
  • Vapor Atomizer Tanks & Drippers
  • Water Purifiers & Filters

Additionally, Tony has performed the following services:

  • Factory Acceptance Testing
  • Factory Automation & Optimization
  • Fulfillment & Warehouse Consulting
  • Import/Export Consulting
  • International Procurement & Logistics
  • Market Research & Analysis
  • Product Life-cycle Management
  • Project Management

Tony has worked with, and is intimately familiar with the following materials and processes: