People have created and used textiles every day for thousands of years – they are a fundamental part of human life. At Prototype Monster, we enjoy helping our clients bring new textile concepts and technologies from idea to production.

We have almost 20 years of experience working with textile manufacturers overseas. Our proven design methodology allows us to quickly bring products successfully to market. Our designers, engineers, product developers, and marketing strategists work with you to thoroughly think through all your ideas, capture them with full specifications, and then craft them to the highest possible standard.

Whatever your type of product or idea related to Soft Goods, we have the necessary textile experience to create a quality design and product. We can:

  • Design and conceptualize your idea to understand what type of product you want.
  • Create patterns enabling you to visualize the construction process and enabling others to put your idea into production.
  • Use CAD and engineering concepts as fundamental support for difficult projects.

Our skilled local manufacturing partners have the technical know-how to continually take your project to the next level until it fulfills your dream.

Technological Garments

As technological garments and wearable tech evolve into the mainstream, garment innovators are bringing more ideas to market than ever. Whether you want to improve people’s lives or the health of the planet or simply create a trend, our R&D experience in technology and textiles can help bring your ideas to fruition.

  • “The power of wearables comes from connecting our senses to sensors.” – Matt Miesnieks, CEO of Dekko.
  • “Humans are the best sensors and integrators of context, the wearable revolution augments things where we are deficient so that we can make sense of them.” – J. Schwan, CEO of Solstice.

Cut & Sew

Market competition is so strong now that many inventors and entrepreneurs want their products to be unique and exclusive. In response to this market demand, we cut and sew your product to produce a highly accurate prototype:

  • We develop a detailed design of your product using various types of software
  • We customize your product to get the highest quality for the most accessible price
  • We sew the design together to get a 3D prototype

Let us put our experience in textiles, our wide knowledge of sources, and our solid relationships with overseas manufacturers to work in service of your Soft Goods product.