Textile fabrics has been around humans since the beginning of our existence becoming a fundamental part of our lives. More than a Good is a Necessity since we use clothes every day of our lives.

It doesn’t matter what type of product or idea related to Soft Goods you have, our experience with textiles allow us to create high quality designs and products through the process of:

  • Design and conceptualize your idea to understand what type of product you want.
  • Pattern making to visualize the construction and process that leads an idea in becoming something real.
  • CAD & engineering as a fundamental part for difficult projects.

Our local manufacturing partners are skilled and possess technical knowledge that will lead your project to a next level until turning it into what you always dreamt.

Technological Garments

Technology has evolve a lot over the years, and more people are using technological garments/wearable tech whether it is for medical purposes or for fashionable statements. New ideas and designs are created by innovative people who wish to improve people’s lives or simply to create trends.

  • “The power of wearables comes from connecting our senses to sensors.” – Matt Miesnieks, CEO of Dekko.
  • “Humans are the best sensors and integrators of context, the wearable revolution augments things where we are deficient so that we can make sense of them.” – J. Schwan, CEO of Solstice.

Our R&D experience in technology and also in textiles can help you to bring your ideas to fruition no matter how crazy your ideas are.

Cut & Sew

Many inventors and entrepreneurs want their products to be unique and exclusive, since the market competition is strong nowadays. We can create your product through a process called cut & sew. This process consists in:

  • Designing your ideas through a detailed development using different software.
  • Customize your product to make it high quality and accessible price.
  • “Sew” every piece of your product until make it 3D.

Our experience in textiles and our wide knowledge of sources  can help you to create your product and fulfill the need of the masses or a niche segment.