A patent drawing typically accompanies a patent application. Patent drawings must include illustrations of the invention, aspects of its construction, features and inner workings if there are any. The USPTO requires patent drawings to show every detail of the invention and dictates the size and type of paper the drawing has to be on, the size of the margins around the paper, as well as acceptable line types, preferred line weights and many other factors.

PMI is a product development firm based in Miami, Florida that specializes in developing ideas from their infancy all the way to full fledged commercialization and beyond. As part of the product development process, we have a strong emphasis on IP acquisition and have the expertise and knowledge required to efficiently guide projects through this complex task in an organized manner.

Patent drawings are created by a team of Engineers, Mechanical Designers, Industrial Designers and Illustrators under the guidance of Tony Suarez. Our methodology for creating patent drawings includes the use of cutting-edge technology and 3D software. This software allows us to create all the required views of a product in any number of configurations required. Our team of fine artists and illustrators can add hand-drawn features such as human limbs, human outlines or anatomical features that 3D software cannot embody.

Our experience with patents and patent drawings allows our partners to leverage their ideas and inventions to reach milestones on time and within budget. Contact us today to review your hand drawn patent drawings. Whether we need to simply redraw them by hand, redraw them using vector software, or develop them in 3D modeling CAD software, we are confident we can produce excellent patent drawings guaranteed to satisfy the strictest USPTO examiners.



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